The Applied Electromagnetics and RF Circuits (AE&RFC) Research Laboratory is located in UMass Boston. AE&RFC Group Members conduct research across a broad range of frequencies from HF to Terahertz. The research activity executed at the (AE&RFC) extends from antennas and RF systems for mobile and IoT devices, to reconfigurable antennas, RF energy harvesting, Terahertz sensors, radar sensors, beamforming for 5G systems, reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS), RF amplifier topologies, RF linearization methods, AI based modeling of wide bandgap devices, antennas for high power RF/microwave systems, AI based RF measurements and instrumentation methods. 

The  (AE&RFC) Research Laboratory is equipped with a state of the art anechoic chamber that can be used to perform radiation pattern, gain and polarization measurements from 18GHz to 95GHz and 300MHz to 3GHz. The lab is also equipped with various sources, THz measurement and imaging system, several RF equipment, that vary from network analyzers to spectrum analyzers, and other characterizing devices. The lab provides the capability to measure, validate and characterize various passive and active microwave devices and antenna structures. The lab also provides the capability to build and fabricate planar and RF and antenna systems. The lab with its active members output various research publications, patents, and even products that aim at advancing science, fundamental and applied research. 

The (AE&RFC) Research Laboratory also has various Federal Agencies and industrial partners supporting the cutting-edge research. Through its partners, the lab also extends its abilities and potential beyond limits, which allows the execution of any type of related research activity within any frequency range from HF, microwave, and up to Terahertz applications.

The (AE&RFC) Research Laboratory is home to several faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. It provides a unique facility for the students to develop the skill sets they need in high frequency engineering.